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When a company is experiencing cash flow problems, paying taxes such as PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax is often the first thing that director’s fall behind with. HMRC is one of the largest and most common business creditors in the UK but unfortunately it is also one of the most aggressive, and so it is vital that you do not ignore any debt owed to them.

If you are struggling to meet your company’s tax obligations in full you need to act quickly as HMRC will take swift action to recover funds owed to them and legal action could be taken which could put your business and any assets at risk.

We have a wealth of experience in negotiating matters with HMRC and will speak to them on your behalf, taking the stress and strain away from you. Our in-depth knowledge of HMRC’s criteria enables us to assist you in putting forward a proposal to them and agreeing acceptable and affordable monthly repayments, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

HMRC arrears are a serious threat to your company, especially if it owes a significant amount but by speaking to us and choosing the right response, you can ensure that your company is protected and able to continue trading.

Contact us now to learn about the options open to your company to deal with HMRC arrears.


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