Company closure can be the result of a number of different circumstances, but ultimately it becomes either a voluntary or compulsory process. Whether you have voluntarily decided to close your company and wind up its affairs or a creditor is forcing your company into liquidation.

Closing a company can be a complex process with possible implications for directors, Simply Corporate will advise on the best way forward and will assist the directors and shareholders to close the company in an orderly and timely manner.

There are several different options available when it comes to closing a limited company, but it all depends on the circumstances that the business is facing. We will make sure that all avenues are explored and then advise directors on the most appropriate closure route.


If your company is suffering financially and you are considering company closure solutions or require further help and advice, please contact us by phone 01282 222420 or answer the Quick Assessment below and we will either call or email you straight back.

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